"Running an online business is hard, very hard, extremely hard, but with the proper tools and trainings, it can become easy."

One of the most fulfilling feelings we can endure is that of running our own business, but unfortunately it's not easy and comes with a price. Anyone who tells you that it's easy probably will help you lose your shirt.

I'm JC, I've been running a successful business over 3 decades and enjoy learning what business has to offer while sharing highly effective ways to succeed in business.

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Entrepreneurial Fit Dad is all about sharing valuable and effective strategies that help build profitable businesses while being healthy and enjoying the life you deserve. What sets this site apart are 4 fundamental principles:


Respect, respect is something you give. One of the greatest things I do for your potential customers/subscribers is show them that I care about them.


Integrity, integrity is something you build. These days, online marketing gets a bad rap because there are so many people that are in it only for the dollar sign and they’ll go after it in a dishonest way. I build my business on trust, honesty, and genuineness.


Camaraderie, camaraderie is something you create. As I build my online business, there is one thing I come to realize quick. That is, I can’t do this business alone. Friendships or partnerships are so vital to my success in the IM business.


Encouragement, encouragement is something you do. Everyone likes to hear good words. Especially when they’re tackling a new task. I strive to encourage everyone even if it’s little.

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